How to Cleanse Your Ex

by Danna Pratte February 13, 2017

How to Cleanse Your Ex

If it ever feels like every song on the radio reminds you of them, and you've still got that box of bittersweet memories hiding tucked up in some closet, it might be time to cleanse from your ex. And what better time to set yourself free from season's past then this heart-candied, love-lettered, romantic comedy month of February that's so transfixed on Valentine's Day?!

Come on, say it with us: "It's time for a change".

Misery Loves Its Company
Take an honest look around you. Have you binged on Netflix and watched a ton of movies that put you back at square one? Are your playlists stuck on repeat, blasting the same old breakup songs that set you off course? Do you wallow with friends facing similar challenges? 

Make a commitment to switching things up! Misery loves its company and it's easy to get caught in a rut. The beauty of it all is that as you change your mindset, your heart and body will follow!

Shake Things Up
Feeling down? Lethargic? Melancholy? Did you know the endorphins in your body produce a natural euphoria that can combat your sadness and depression? You literally harness some power within yourself to fight back any negativity that may still linger from your ex.

Whether it's a quick cardio workout to get your blood pumping or asking that inspiring friend of yours to join you at the gym, a little exercise can go a long way.

Or maybe the breakup has crept into your diet by way of junk food, booze or a little of everything. Embrace a natural and symbolic cleanse and purge your body of toxic waste. Consider a MagO7 digestive cleanse to kick-start the new you! Follow it up with some routine healthy practices like juicing and proper hydration and you'll not only start to feel better day by day, but people may actually notice your glow.

Out with the Old
It's time to rip off the band-aid so to speak. If there are old photos or belongings that exist only to interrupt your progress, kiss them goodbye. Yeah, it may hurt, and we're not going to recommend you do this prematurely before you've come to personal terms with everything, but sometimes our possessions begin to take possession of our path.

If his clothes still hang in your closet or her perfume lingers in that room, embrace a fresh start and cleanse your living spaces. Out with the old and in with the new!

This also applies to the narrative you've been telling yourself internally. Stop saying you're not good enough or that you'll never find someone like them. Kick out any negative thoughts and harness positive thinking that welcomes possibility. If you can channel this type of thinking, every day becomes a fresh horizon instead of a grey cloud.

Danna Pratte
Danna Pratte